Premier Glide Series (PG Series)
• Specially formulated for fine adjustments or slow motion produced by hand, damping for free motion as well as sealing but not for moving machinery in the ordinary sense

• Incorporated the latest synthetic hydrocarbon technology, providing high film strength to separate and lubricate contact surfaces, while at the same time resisting motion uniformly so as to regulate movement in a controlled way

Emerald Hi-Temp Grease
A superior performance bearing grease based on an inorganic thickener system designed to give outstanding performance in bearings operating under arduous conditions of heat and load

• Has wide and various applications, including paper & pulp mills, drying ovens, piling machines, cement klin plants and ball mills

Emerald Water Resistant Grease
• An extremely water-resistant bearing grease based on an anhydrous calcium soap thickener system

• Considered as a universal grease for the lubrication of both plain and anti-friction bearings operating at normal temperatures